New Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs): Towards a “scientific precautionary principle”


  • Giuseppe Longo



To the ordinary precautionary principle, we should add a more precise “scientific precautionary principle”. In short, we cannot act on nature based on ‘dogmas’ that are either manifestly false or are implicitly adopting an uncritical way of thinking. Science is the invention of a new way of thinking, of new theoretical frameworks, starting from a critical review of the principles mobilized, which are themselves well explained. Without this, technoscience, in all its power, becomes a nightmare, as it is totally unsuited to make us live in an ecosystem with all its complexity. The case of New Genetic Technologies, whose application to agriculture is under discussion in Europe, is paradigmatic and urgent.

*A preliminary version of this paper was published in French in Philosophy World Democracy, 1/9/23,




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Longo, G. (2023). New Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs): Towards a “scientific precautionary principle”. Organisms. Journal of Biological Sciences, 6(2), 77–81.