Fandom e politica pop

Una ricerca sulle Bimbe di Conte attraverso l'approccio degli small data


  • Claudia Cantale Università degli Studi di Catania

Parole chiave:

popular culture, fandom, small data, wattpad, candidate branding


This contribution aims to illustrate how, in several cultural productions, Giuseppe Conte has become a mainstream character. The popularisation of politics, the celebrity politics and the media exposure the Prime Minister was subject to in the months of the first wave of the pandemic have certainly contributed placing him at the centre of fandom phenomena, which have been translated into the various platforms under the name of "Le bimbe di Conte" (Conte’s Little girls).

The empirical research on small data that we want to present relates to the Italian community of writers on the Wattpad platform who, during the lockdown (March-June 2021), wrote and shared featuring Giuseppe Conte.




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Cantale, C. (2022). Fandom e politica pop: Una ricerca sulle Bimbe di Conte attraverso l’approccio degli small data . Mediascapes Journal, 20(2), 3–25. Recuperato da