La coppia criminale e il codice della devianza


  • Olimpia Affuso

Parole chiave:

immaginario criminale, sfida del limite, amore moderno, parità di coppia, individualizzazione


Diabolik and Eva represent the most enduring criminal couple in the world of comics. What kind of love do they show? What criminal code does their behavior follow? Which figures in literature and cinema do they remind? As the title means, this contribution aims to answer these questions by relating the traits of the characters invented by Angela and Luciana Giussani with some types of deviance and with some social functions of modern love focused by sociologist such as Simmel, Bauman, Luhmann




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Affuso, O. (2023). La coppia criminale e il codice della devianza. Mediascapes Journal, 21(1), 42–50. Recuperato da