Comunicare la sostenibilità

Dall’attivismo social alla figura del green influencer


  • Lorenzo Denicolai
  • Valentina Domenici

Parole chiave:

green influencer, social media activism, sostenibilità, Tik Tok, Instagram


Through the perspective of Media Studies, the article proposes an interpretation of some social profiles of several green influencers to reflect on certain critical aspects of digital communication on the theme of sustainability, which is more topical than ever today, especially concerning the UN 2030 Agenda. The analysis of the chosen case studies brings to light, first and foremost, the issue of self-representation through digital storytelling and the visual aesthetics typical of digital platforms, elements, and audiovisual language central to communication strategies on social networks. The latter, mainly when referring to the green themes of sustainability and climate change, particularly appeal to emotions and the idea of authenticity, both at the basis of that brand culture that now influences and structures the universe of participatory digital media




Come citare

Denicolai, L., & Domenici, V. (2023). Comunicare la sostenibilità: Dall’attivismo social alla figura del green influencer. Mediascapes Journal, 21(1), 171–187. Recuperato da