Rien ne va plus. Emozioni e passioni in Georg Simmel e Jean Baudrillard


  • Debora Viviani debora.viviani@univr.it

Parole chiave:

Jean Baudrillard, Georg Simmel, seduction, flirt, homo impatiens


In the 1970s, with Arlie Russell Hochschild’s studies, human sciences re-evaluated the emotional dimension. Emotions are now considered a boost to individual action and socializing element. Analyzing the Jean Baudrillard’ work De la seduction (1979), this paper intends to highlight the important contribution the author can give to sociology of emotions. In particular, the aim of the work is to compare Baudrillard's reflection with that of Georg Simmel, a sociologist who first gave a more organic structure to the study of emotions. According to Baudrillard, in our society, subjects undergo the attractiveness and seductive force of objects. Baudrillard describes the domain of objects and the subsequent supremacy of cold emotions. Unlike Simmel, in Baudrillard: a) There isn’t interpersonal relationship; b) The subject is not emotionally involved. In Baudrillard, the man experiences new emotions: dominion, affection, anxiety. After comparing the different approach of the two authors, this paper assumes the birth of the man impatiens, a man who is surrounded by emotional situations and fast excitement. A man who lives a constant challenge in search of the best emotional performance.

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Debora Viviani, debora.viviani@univr.it

Debora Viviani è assegnista di ricerca del Dipartimento di Scienze Umane dell’Università di Verona e componente dell’Osservatorio sui Consumi delle Famiglie. Si occupa di sociologia dei consumi, con particolare attenzione al tema del cibo. Tra le più recenti pubblicazioni: Il cibo immaginato tra produzione e consumo (con Grassi V., Franco Angeli, Milano 2016); Significare il tempo. Oggetti antichi e tempo sognato e Estetica del design ed estetica del ricordo (in Secondulfo D., Il mondo dell’usato. Sociologia dell’uso e del riuso, Franco Angeli, Milano, 2016); Stereotipi e cultura materiale: dress for success (in Sociologia (n.3, 2015); Crisi reale e benessere apparente (in Micro & Macro Marketing, a. XXIV, n. 1, 2015).




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Viviani, D. (2017). Rien ne va plus. Emozioni e passioni in Georg Simmel e Jean Baudrillard. Mediascapes Journal, (9), 30–42. Recuperato da https://rosa.uniroma1.it/rosa03/mediascapes/article/view/14132