Chiara Ferragni: il corpo simulacro


  • Maria Angela Polesana Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione- IULM

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food porn, food media, obscene, transparency, visual culture


The figure of fashion influencer stems from the bottom throughout the web, and it takes  advantage of the many likes it receives from the followers and keeps its momentum by continuously generating interactions and talks about him/her self.

Chiara Ferragni, the Italian but internationally renowned influencer, may count some 11 million followers. In her photos what dominates is the way she is dressed, the specific fashion element perfectly coherent with the real life she is actually living in that very moment. The process of identification is then augmented by the euphoric model of advertising-like communication she uses. The actual life of Chiara Ferragni is displayed through a series of images and the boundaries between her private life and what can be called a reality show are really vague and undefined

However the way the influencer communicates through Instagram is not much different from the way most of the regular user of the social network do all the time: in both cases the user’s sight and understanding is strongly influenced by capitalism and by its ways of communication. In particular, the nice and lean (borderline with anorexia) body of Chiara Ferragni is absolutely consistent with the current image supported by the fashion system and it eventually certify the communication effectiveness of it, providing the desired valorization of the fashion products.

An “emotional”  (sometimes a bit extreme) wellness is often added to the “physical” wellness, perfectly tuned with the commercial narrative that equals the possession of a product to happiness. The normative power of capitalism finally gives voice to a body that builds itself from its syntax and that rewards the perfect body, in a word, the body-simulacre. 

Biografia autore

Maria Angela Polesana, Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione- IULM

Maria Angela Polesana è docente di Sociologia dei Media e di Sociologia del Turismo presso la Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione IULM. Svolge inoltre attività di ricerca, presso l’Università IULM, per FaCe (Fashion Center), un Centro di Ricerca sulla moda. Tra le sue pubblicazioni: Pubblicità e valori. Nuovi consumi e nuovi messaggi per una società che cambia (FrancoAngeli, Milano 2016), Criminality show. La costruzione mediatica del colpevole (Carocci, Roma 2010), Communication mix. Come comunica l’impresa (Egea, Milano 2007), La pubblicità intelligente. L’uso dell’ironia in pubblicità (FrancoAngeli, Milano 2005).




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