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Status Quaestionis is a space of interdisciplinary and intercultural exchange. A biannual journal that includes a Literature and a Linguistics issue – both of which are monographic with a miscellany section – SQ is especially interested in comparative and intercultural studies, in methodological issues, in linguistics and translation studies. For proposals on the monographic issues, please contact the general editors. For the individual articles to be included in the miscellanea please make a submission, preferably in the month of January, for publication within the year.

Current Issue

No. 22 (2022): Narrative Dimensions and European Theatre, from the Early Twentieth Century to the Present
Tim Crouch, Total Immediate Collective Imminent Terrestrial Salvation, 2019. Photo courtesy of Mihaela Bodlovic.

edited by Marta Marchetti and Andrea Peghinelli

This monographic issue promotes a discussion on the several ways in which the intersection between narrative dimensions and European theatre has become, since the early Twentieth Century to the present time, a particularly fertile arena in which the identity of the European theatre scene is innovated and reinvented.

Published: 2022-06-28
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