I ribelli delle “Terre selvagge”: lunghe durate dell’immaginario fantasy


  • Fabio Tarzia Sapienza Università di Roma

Parole chiave:

fantasy; platform society; globalizzazione, metaphor; media.


The article proposes a mediological reading of The Lord of the Rings through the analysis of Tolkien's original literary work (1953-1955), the 2001- 2003 film trilogy and the first season of the TV series The Rings of Power (2022). In the transformation of the media environment, and in the different relation to the various stages of collective social construction up to the current globalization, the hypothesis is that such imagery is from time to time reused in the identity construction of resisting and "oppositional" communities until it becomes in the current years a source of inspiration for the organization in echo chambers typical of the platform society.




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Tarzia, F. (2022). I ribelli delle “Terre selvagge”: lunghe durate dell’immaginario fantasy. Mediascapes Journal, 20(2), 150–162. Recuperato da https://rosa.uniroma1.it/rosa03/mediascapes/article/view/18148